Privacy Policy



Privacy Policy for BizView

1. Data Collection

  • We collect the following data:
    • User profiles
    • Ours is a B2B App and we do not require any personal details

2. Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • PII includes name, phone number and usernames provided during account registration.

3. Data Transmission

  • Data is transmitted securely to our servers for analytics and app functionality.

4. Data Usage

  • We use collected data to:
    • Personalize user experience
    • Conduct analytics

5. Third-Party Sharing

  • We do not share data with any one.
  • It is a B2B app

6. User Control

  • Currently, we are not collecting any data from end user 

7. Permissions

  • Our app requests the following permissions:
    • Update the profile
    • Delete the profile registration details

8. Contact Information

  • For privacy inquiries or data deletion requests, please contact us at Ph: 080 41276111